How To Get Direct PTC Referrals For Free

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Anyone who has a Paid To Click(PTC) business or hobby knows that the key to amassing a solid consistent income is direct referrals. Referrals in general, make the difference between making a few dollars using PTC and making hundreds or thousands of dollars. But, for some PTC business owners, the hard part has always been getting direct referrals. I’m going to help. Not only am I going to reveal how to get direct referrals, but I’m going to tell how to get them for FREE.

Referrals for PTC come in two different categories. There are Direct referrals and Rented referrals. The difference between the two are as simple as they sound, direct referrals are accumulated by you and rented referrals are provided by the PTC site based on how many people signed up at the site without a direct referral. Each originally stems from someone being interested in making money with PTC and signing up for an account. The difference is, direct referrals are advertised and acquired by you. We are going to focus on how to get direct PTC referrals.

The first method of getting direct PTC referrals is with a PTC downline builder. We will start with this because it integrates with the other methods later on. Several downline builders are setup as mini websites that allow you to post all of the banner codes from each of your PTC sites into a form so that you advertise all of your PTC referral links at the same time. This is the most efficient way to get direct PTC referrals for free. One you have this setup, your ready to move on to the other methods of getting these referrals. This can also be done by setting up a blog that functions the same way.

The next method is to use referral builder sites and traffic exchanges. These work very similarly so we will touch on both of these at the same time. Each on these allow you to promote your links in exchange for viewing other peoples links for credits. The major difference is that traffic exchanges don’t focus primarily on PTC sites and referral builders do. For both types of sites follow these steps:

1.Sign up for at least 2 of each: Referral Builder and Traffic Exchange

2.Start a plan to click on a set number of links per day everyday

3.Set a goal of total credits to reach with each site(3000 or more)

4.Use the PTC downline builder(or blog) to advertise all referrals at once on each site

This method will take you a while to generate the hundreds or thousands of direct referrals you need to make a full-time income. But it is a very effective method of getting direct PTC referrals for free.

The next method of getting direct referrals is contributing in industry relevant online forums. This method is great because not only will you get to learn even better techniques of how to conduct your own business, but you will also be able to grow your business all at the same place. The best way to utilize this method is to add your PTC downline builder(or blog) link as your forum signature. This way, every time you contribute or ask questions in the forum everyone who sees your post can also access your entire collection of PTC referral links. I recommend signing up for at least two forums and contributing often(at least 3 times a week on each)

With just this short list of methods to get direct PTC referrals for free, anyone can build a rock solid PTC business within a relatively short period of time. I suggest getting started on using these methods immediately. Good luck in your pursuit for direct PTC referrals and your PTC business.


Article by Khary Campbell


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